PEE : educating and training students for enterprise creation

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Science & You 2015
Science & You 2015
On 06/06/2015

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PEE : educating and training students for enterprise creation


Are you a Lorraine student wanting not to wait any longer before starting your own business? The Student entrepreneurship clusters (PEE) are there to support your efforts and help your develop your project as part of your studies. Presentation of the services offered by PEE Lorraine and testimonies.
  Aimed at developing entrepreneurship at university, the Student Entrepreneurship Clusters (PEE) provide advice, offer pedagogical support and network student entrepreneurs with business creation professionals. There are 23 PEE clusters throughout France.
  Available to every University of Lorraine student, the Lorraine Student Enterprise Centre (PEEL) encourages and supports the creation of enterprise. Interview with its director, Christophe Schmitt, holder of the Enterprise Chair at the University of Lorraine.
  His project was manufacturing and marketing a drink can collector and compactor. University of Lorraine student Matthias Otte is about to launch his business after taking the Business Unit course offered by the Lorraine Student Entrepreneurship Cluster (PEEL).
    "Entrepreneurship" Competition
The "Entrepreneurship" competition accompanies the creation of new business activities in Lorraine. Its concept integrates the logical sequence of the creation pathway with validation at each step :
- design of a product or service ;
- emergence of the creation idea and validation of the project ;
- concrete expression of the project and drafting of a business plan ;
- start up and development of the business.