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Le 18/03/2014

Interregional research prize 2014: call for applications

The Lorraine Region is launching the 6th edition of the Interregional Research Prize designed to reward cooperative scientific projects in the Greater Region. The reward equates to two prizes totalling 60,000 Euros.



Objective: to encourage scientific cooperation in the Greater Region. The Interregional Research Prize launched by the Lorraine Region within the context of the Presidency of the 14th Summit of the Greater Region is aimed at networks of researchers working at least bilaterally, preferably multilaterally, on a topic with cross-border appeal within the context of the Greater Region.


Organised by the working group "Further Education and Research in the Greater Region" this interregional prize will honour the teams that have developed cross-border scientific activities. Two prizes will be allocated : a first worth 35,000 Euros and a second worth 25,000 Euros (sponsorship from SaarLB). They are designed to assist the creation of new projects contributing to the visibility and appeal of the Greater Region.


These prizes reward complete joint research projects or projects that have provided results over the current or previous year. They must combine at least two laboratories or institutions from two different territorial bodies in the Greater Region. Three criteria will decide between the projects submitted: the scientific quality, the cross-border appeal and the socio-economic impact. The prize-giving will take place at the end of 2014 within the context of the 4thMinisterial Conference of Higher Education and Research in the Greater Region.


Download the application file
Download the regulations


The application files must be sent electronically prior to 1st September 2014.


Contact :
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Pôle Partenariats
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