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Le 09/02/2016

The "Lorraine University of Excellence" project approved as an I-Site

Supported by the University of Lorraine and its partners, the Lorraine University of Excellence (LUE) project is one of the four award-winners in the call for national IDEX/I-SITE projects. This approval comes with financial support for projects intended to "put Lorraine on the map as a state-of-the-art region in the disciplines of materials and engineering."



"Champagne", “This is a small engine which will drive all sorts of things", "The adventure begins!" These are just some of the enthusiastic reactions published on Twitter on 26 January following the announcement of the approval of the University of Lorraine as an I-SITE*. The establishment and its regional partners are in fact among the award-winners in the 2nd wave of the call for IDEX/I-SITE projects in the Investissements d'Avenir Programme (Investment for the Future / PIA2). Their joint project, entitled "Lorraine University of Excellence" (LUE) is supported by a consortium comprising the University of Lorraine, the CNRS, Inria, Inra, Inserm, the Regional University Hospital of Nancy, AgroParisTech and GeorgiaTech Lorraine. It is also supported by other international higher education and research establishments, by companies and local government. The aim of the LUE project is to " build a European university in a leading position in systems engineering** , with a strong bias towards technological research and the desire to use research as a teaching tool." The I-SITE label is in fact intended to "create universities which, in different disciplines, accentuate scientific skills, which are more concentrated and distinctive, acknowledged on the international stage and which make the university a driving force and a fulcrum for their strategy of development and partnership with the economic world."

10 million Euros per annum for 10 years

This award emphasises the desire of the University of Lorraine to "become one of the top 100 universities in the world for engineering." It is already the only French university to bring together in one establishment the traditional university faculties of 11 grandes écoles or top graduate schools for engineers. With the LUE project the University and its partners may hope for finance to the value of 10 million Euros per annum for 10 years. This endowment would contribute to the development of 15 programmes intended to respond to six huge societal, economic and ecological challenges: "Value chain for materials", "Sustainable management of natural resources and the environment", "Energies of the future and energy transition", "Confidence in the digital world", "Engineering for health and the prevention of ageing" and finally, "Engineering of languages and knowledge". The programmes implemented in this context will in particular make it possible to identify targeted research themes in order to initiate ambitious projects, to develop international collaboration and economic partnerships, to increase the visibility and attraction of Masters' and engineering degree courses, to provide the impetus for the creation and development of businesses, etc.


* Initiative-Science-Innovation-Territoire-Economie
** L'ingénierie systémique se définit comme la capacité à mobiliser des compétences complémentaires pour répondre à des enjeux qu'un secteur seul ne peut appréhender de manière complète.

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