Intellectual property

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Intellectual property

Organizations, tools and resources

The organizations
Its mission : to protect and develop innovation. The INPI awards patents, trademarks, designs and models, informs and sensitizes to industrial property, participates in the fight against counterfeiting. A public institution, the INPI is place under the supervision of the ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment.
The tools
A customized, free of charge aid, the INPI’s pre-diagnostic makes it possible to evaluate the issues of industrial property in the business starting from an inventory. This service is intended for innovative microbusinesses and SME having little or no recourse to industrial property.
The INPI also has short and certifying training programs in industrial property. Legal and procedural aspects, patents, trademarks… these training programs are particularly intended for practicians and future practicians of industrial property (IP Department heads, jurists, administrative executives, engineers, assistants…)
Within businesses or educational institutions, the INPI organizes numerous sensitisation operations in industrial property.
The resources
How can you protect and invention ? What is the cost of trademark registration ? Why register a design or model ? Precious source of information on industrial property and businesses, the portal answers all these questions.
The National Institute for Industrial Property also offers 5 research services that are open and free.
Instructive and practical, the Practical guide to intellectual property in the centres of competitive excellence is at the same time a source of legal information and an aid in implementing good practices. This Internet site proposes summaries of the principal legislative or regulatory texts, models of contracts…

Intended for SME managers, the DGCIS (Directorate General of Competitiveness, Industry and Services) published a practical and educational guide entitled " SME : dare for intellectual property ".

The European Patent Office (OEB) treats requests from businesses or individual inventors wishing to obtain protection by patent in 38 European countries. Free of charge, this online research service Espacenet allows access to the OEB’s patents, a rich body of more than 60 million references from the entire world.
The OMPI (Worldwide Organization of Intellectual Property) is a specialised institution of the United Nations. Its mission : "to develop and balanced and accessible international system of intellectual property".
The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) is the federal agency in charge of granting patents in the United States. The Internet site of the agency makes it possible to carry out searches for precedents and to file patent requests online.