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Le 18/01/2013

PERCCOM : international training in ICT and sustainable development

A new international diploma, from September 2013 the Erasmus Mundus PERCCOM Masters will welcome students from a broad range of backgrounds. Delivered in Lorraine, then Sweden, Finland and Russia, this advanced course is aimed at producing specialists in the reduction of the ecological footprint of information technology systems and networks.



How can you improve the energy consumption and environmental impact of telecommunications networks or mobile technologies? How can an IT system optimise polluting applications in transport or industry? These questions are at the heart of the Erasmus Mundus PERCCOM* Masters teaching programme. This new international programmes coordinated by the University of Lorraine aims to develop ICT professionals specialising in sustainable development. From the start of the 2013 academic year, it will welcome about twenty European and non-European students. This course is delivered by the Technology University of Luleå (Sweden), the Technology University of Lappeenranta (Finland) and the University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics of Saint Petersburg (Russia).

"Rethinking the use of information technology and developing less energy-hungry systems"

"Nowadays, companies are deploying IT systems which take account of numerous criteria: power consumption, waste and radio waves generated, aesthetics, cost, etc.," said Eric Rondeau, professor of control engineering at the University of Lorraine. "They are recruiting green IT** managers to write new protocols and new implementations to support them in their sustainable development strategy ". Future holders of the PERCOMM Masters will be employed as telecommunications engineers, network managers or consultants. They will also be able to carry our research while following their programme for a doctorate in the field of study of network protocols, distributed software development, energy control, etc.


Lasting two years, and delivered in English, the PERCOMM Masters is open to those holding a Bachelor's Degree or a Licence in electronics, information technology or control engineering. It will start at the Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy Faculty of Science and Technologies, and then on the Finnish and Swedish campuses. A 10-day seminar at Saint Petersburg is also included in the programme. Students will be taught sustainable ICT engineering, circular economy, software development, wireless networking and distributed systems. Students will undertake a placement for their last semester. This will take place at one of the numerous training partners. Leeds Metropolitan University, Bradford University, CISCO, France Telecom-Orange, Ericsson, Russoft, Fondation Ellen MacArthur, etc.


* PERvasive Computing and COMmunications for sustainable development
** or "green computing"

    File : "Study and work in Europe...and beyond"
They have opted for mobility. This Eurêka file contains a selection of the testimony of students and business creators of the future, who have studied abroad or profited from international vocational experience.


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