Health and disability

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Health and disability

Prevent, treat, accompany

The university health services


Composed of doctors and nurses, the university health services assure preventive medical visits, treatments, vaccinations, gynaecological consultations, help with tobacco withdrawal… The consultations and care dispensed by these university services are free and confidential.


Social aid


On each campus, social workers listen, advise and help students confronted with psychological, material or financial difficulties. They also inform on the formalities related to student life (budget, grants, housing, social legislation, work). The social workers are held to professional secrecy.



Disabled students


In Lorraine’s institutions, specialised services are in charge of welcoming and supplying pedagogic accompaniment to disabled students. It is, for example, the role of the Disabled Mission in Metz  or PHARE (Disabled Student Information and Welcome Point) in Nancy. Regional information portal, the Universisu website addresses disabled students in Lorraine and their families. Useful addresses, benefits, catering, lodging, transportation, official texts… the Handi U website is published by the Minister of Education.