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Le 06/04/2009

IProD : a university-business partnership for developing tomorrow's chemistry

By associating the skills of ENSIC laboratories and the know-how of the Carling site Arkema team, the IProD platform's goal is to design new procedures and products integrating the requirements for sustainable development.
In the Lorraine, chemistry's become green. In Saint-Avold, the Centre de Recherche et Développement de l'Est of the Arkema group work on an acrylic acid production procedure from renewable raw materials and no longer using fossils. Here, the idea is to explore glycerol, a sub-product of biodiesel. In order to achieve this, the French chemistry giant opens a call for skilled persons at the École nationale supérieure des industries chimiques (ENSIC).
This research program is one of the first IProD* realizations. With the support of the ENSIC and Arkema, IProD's goal is to become a "center for excellence" in the service of innovation in the chemistry sector. The creation of this platform was announced last June 4th during a colloquium dedicated to the future of chemistry in the region by Jean-Pierre Masseret, President of the Lorraine Region. "It's an open initiative whose vocation is to attract industrial and academic partners", specifies Michael Matlosz, director of the Nancy school. "With IProD, we will invent methods, technologies and conceptual tools that integrate the requirements of durable development during all the steps of the product's life, from its conception to its manufacture". The requirements are in sync with the new European regulations concerning the recording, evaluation and authorization of chemical products (REACH) : "New, less dangerous and more ecological products represent the most important part of the capacity for European industrial innovation and become an essential activity and revenue source for the future" the Region ensures. 
Attentive to the Greater-East Fibres Center's plant chemistry needs, IProD will work in 4 sectors. The ENSIC and Arkema are already working on training in the industrial security, procedure development, management and bio-procedures areas.  Moreover, the 2 partners will invest in assisting designing and/or optimizing industrial installations, transfer of procedures and technologies and accompanying product development (special monomers, polymers and formulation).
* IProD : European Center for Integrated Product and Process Development

ENSIC : National School of Chemical Industries 
Engineer of the National School of Chemical Industries is a Grande Ecole affiliated to the National Polytechnics Institute of Lorraine (INPL). Founded in 1887, it is recognized as one of the top European university centres in chemical engineering.