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Alphea Hydrogene


Alphea Hydrogene
Association Law 1901
4 rue Jules Verne
+ 33 (0)3 87 84 76 50
Michel Jehan (Président)
Michel Junker (Directeur)


+ 33 (0)3 87 84 76 50

+ 33 (0)3 87 84 76 50

Presentation of the structure

Support for the development of markets and products linked to new energy technologies and in particular hydrogen and fuel cells.


  • Consultancy in the development and deployment of new energy technologies.
  • Project management/client assistance.
  • Research and appraisal.
  • Project engineering.
  • Technical, financial, strategic and regulatory oversight.

Static applications (co-generation, electricity production, security of electrical supply and UPS), transportable applications (mobile applications, portable applications), transport applications (private vehicles, special vehicles, buses, air rail and marine transport) hydrogen coupled with renewables (H2 production from renewable energy sources, H2/renewable energy storage, 2nd generation biofuel), hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transport and distribution, standards, regulations, safety, societal aspects.

Base of notation and specialised library holdings on hydrogen and its energy applications and the associated applications (fuel cell…).

ALPHEA, a sector development actor, via:

>> The ALPHEA Hydrogen Network
Objective: facilitating the networking of actors pursuing common objectives and creating conditions to promote development. It brings together industry, scientists and public authorities. It responds to common needs:

  • Sharing intelligence and research services.
  • Formulating common projects.
  • Exchanging regular information on activities and developments in the sector.

>> Sector development and deployment in the Greater East.
Objective: to have a sector emerge using hydrogen applications in the Greater East, with the support of Lorraine public authorities.

  • Awareness-raiding and information dissemination activities.
  • Involvement in programmes aiming to set up a project for the deployment of mobile hydrogen applications and the creation of a platform for innovation at the service of the sector's industries.

>> Actor in national strategy for development of the sector.

  • Involved in work done by AFHYPAC (Association française pour l’hydrogène et les piles à combustible, French Association for hydrogen and fuel cells).
  • Promoter of technological proposals and solutions developed by its members.
  • "Accelerator" of partnerships between research laboratories and industry.

Publications and tools:

  • La gazette: total information tool with news related to new energy technologies and in particular H2/FC.
  • H2 Info: In depth analysis on themes related to hydrogen technologies, fuel cells and linked sectors.
  • Document base: Access, via the ALPHEA site, to more than 8000 references to articles, projects, reports, studies, conference proceedings, etc.