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Le 22/03/2010

Alphéa Hydrogène : the first European network for hydrogen and its applications

A clean energy and universal energy vector, hydrogen can be used in transportation, generators and special vehicles. Since 1996, the Alphéa Hydrogène Expertise Pole participates in the development of its use.



"We are a catalyst. We offer actions and help to develop projects with a network of 30 industrial actors, research centers and communities," Michel Junker, the director of Alphéa Hydrogène explains. 7 academics and engineers from the UPV-M, the Saint-Etienne École des Mines and the University of Strasbourg work at this expertise pole that's unique in France. In order to develop the use of hydrogen, Alphéa Hydrogène undertakes studies and ensures technical and economic watch keeping. It's a promising sector : "hydrogen isn't a source of energy, but it represents one of tomorrow's paths in the energy economy", Michel Junker specifies. One of the strong points of this element that's mostly made of the sun is its capacity to store energy just like a battery. "With hydrogen, for example, we can replace a motor in a vehicle or a battery with a fuel cell" Michel Junker adds.


The fuel cell is a veritable energy converter on which Alphéa Hydrogène has been working for the past several years. Once in contact, air and hydrogen transform into heat, electricity and water without any polluting emissions. " One of the projects that we currently support is the high temperature biogas-run fuel cell which naturally finds its place on the farm" says Michel Junker. "We're also working on a project aimed at using biogas to run the small vehicles used in communities to collect trash," the Alphéa Hydrogène director adds.


Special vehicles, forklifts, there are multiple applications for hydrogen. The Expertise Pole focuses notably on demonstrating electronic emergency systems for hospitals and telecom relay station sites in order to replace the traditional generators in the event of problems. These are projects with market perspectives in the next 3 to 5 years. " The techniques are ready and effective. But they still need to find their place today. We should educate industrialists and explain to them that the costs are close to market ones," adds Michel Junker.


Alphéa Hydrogène

Alphea Hydrogen is an association uniting a network of around forty industrial, research and community actors interested and implicated in the development of energy applications of hydrogen of new technologies and associated services. The association has a permanent team of 8 people at its disposal that assures watch, study, thematic organization and economic development services for its members. ALPHEA is an actor recognized by the actors of the hydrogen field in France.