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On 15/09/2014

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Le 13/04/2012

Researchers Film Festival : the 12 films in competition can be discovered on video

Fabrication of bronze coins or mastering cold fusion, meet the maestros of Mongolian overtone singing, study into the planetary expansion of the black rat… All scientific subjects dealt with by the films in competition within the framework of the 2012 Researchers Film Festival. Extracts.


12 films have been chosen from the 116 entered. The official selection of the 2012 Researchers Film Festival will be unveiled to the general public on the 6th, 7th and 9th of June at the Parc de la Pépinière in Nancy in the presence of their authors and/or film-makers. The “Researcher Film” prize, a sum of 5000 euros, and the “Festival Helping Hand” prize of 3000 euros, will reward two films. The films will be judged by a jury of scientists and audiovisual professionals presided over by Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud, astrophysicist at the CEA.


The Eagles of Alexandria
Thomas FAUCHER - Raymond COLLET, 18 min. - Egypte - 2011 - Centre d’études Alexandrines


Research Atmospheres
Nathalie FRASCARIA-LACOSTE, 26 min. - France - 2010 - Université Paris-Sud


Thierry RIBAULT - Alain SAULIERE, 50 min. - Japon - 2010 - Ateliers du Passeur, CNRS Images



And it heats all the same! The cold fusion adventure
Quentin RAMEAU, 27 min. - France - 2010 - Université de Provence – UFR LACS



I can see the words you are saying!
Christian BLONZ, Denis LELARGE et Agnès PIQUARD-KIPFFER, 23 min. - France - 2011 - INRIA



Overtone singing maestro
Jean-François CASTELL, 52 min. - France - 2010 - La curieuse (Fabrique de documentaires)



Numbers for the Gods
Danièle DEHOUVE, 48 min. - France - 2010 - Tonaltepec Production



Bread or coconut. Moorea and the two traditions
Yannick FER et Gwendoline MALOGNE-FER, 63 min. - France - 2010 - Wapiti Productions



Profession researcher – Episode 10
Philippe THOMINE, 21 min. - France - 2010 - Université Paul-Verlaine de Metz



Rats, island pirates
Eric VIDAL - Pierre-Emmanuel CHAILLON, 40 min. - France - 2010 - CNRS IMAGES



This salmon called desire: the uncertain fabric of the environment
Béatrice MAURINES - Christian DURY, 50 min. - France - 2010 - Université Lyon 2



Eyes closed
Clément DORIVAL - Christophe PONS, 59 min. - France - 2011 - Lieux Fictifs, CNRS IMAGES