Centres of competitive excellence and clusters

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Centres of competitive excellence and clusters

Sources of synergies

The centres of competitive excellence associate companies, laboratories, universities and transfer centres. They allow the formation of innovation projects thanks to the networking of all of these actors. Two centres of competitive excellence were labelled in Lorraine on 12 july 2005 by the inter-ministerial Committee of development of the territory (CIADT) : the Innovative Materials and Process (Materalia) centre and the Greater-East Fibres centre (fibres sector, fibrous materials, eco-materials). Supported by the State, local and regional authorities, the centres contribute to the creation of wealth and job development in the territory.
The centres of competitive excellence, the business and clusters networks also bring together industrial, research and training competences. They make it possible to share investments, develop products, conquer new markets… Business networks are the way to approach new markets that are individually inaccessible.
Advice, expertise, accompaniment, training… collective actions  notably serve to encourage development by innovation within the field of study or a group of businesses. Generally financed by the public administration, they make it possible to promote new technologies, new methods, regulatory information…